No Carpet

So a guy that works with me with me told me about his girlfriends parents house, he went there for Thanksgiving and the whole house had hardwood floors even both sets of stairs and the basement. Apparently the girlfriends mom has some issue with carpet and rugs, so those are limited throughout the house. The … [Read more…]

Wood Floors

So I have seen many things in my life, my any of them funny and just as many that are not so funny but I will have to admit that what I saw the other day takes the cake. I was out on a job building a garage at a clients home and they wanted … [Read more…]

The Unthinkable

Now, you are probably wondering what could be unthinkable in my line of work, technically there are lots of things that could fit this but what I am talking about are acts of nature. That damn Mother Nature, she sure can wreck havoc in our lives. We just had a storm rip through our town … [Read more…]

The Wonders Of A Garage

In this regard I know that we are all on the same page. Garages. You must have one. We all need and want one. Many great things have been built in garages. They are pretty much a necessity now a days. The main thing to remember is organization, you must have an organized garage. I … [Read more…]