No Carpet

So a guy that works with me with me told me about his girlfriends parents house, he went there for Thanksgiving and the whole house had hardwood floors even both sets of stairs and the basement. Apparently the girlfriends mom has some issue with carpet and rugs, so those are limited throughout the house. The mom thinks that the carpets harbor dirt, germs and all things mites so she only has them under certain things. There are no rugs in the hallways or anywhere else because she does not like them.

In her kitchen she has the mats that are soft that are good for your back. Not even the bedrooms have any rugs except in the bathroom for when you get out of the shower. I’m guessing that no one walks around that house in winter in their bare feet and definitely not in the basement, which is cold enough on it’s own but just imagine cold it would be. No thanks. I just have to remember that other people think differently than I do and will most definitely do different things in their homes than me as well. I could not imagine waking up in the morning and stepping on to a cold wood floor. I will always put carpet in any bedroom in my house.

My buddy at work said that they were not allowed to keep their shoes on, that surprised me and it didn’t because most people don’t want you tracking your dirt in on their nice wood floors but I also would think that since you don’t have rugs or carpets your guests are going to have really cold feet unless you have your heat on high enough. I guess the mom is also sort of a neat freak because even with everyone taking their shoes off she was probably going to wash the floors again the next day, I say again because she washed them before everyone came over. My buddy is under the impression that she washes her floor a couple times a week. Who has time for that? I guess since she hates carpets so much that she doesn’t mind washing her floor almost everyday.

I could never do that and I even can’t imagine my wife doing that, she has way too much to do as it is with our kids. Now I do have hardwood floors in my house, they are in the kitchen and most of the main level but the living room has carpet because that’s a roo for fun and relaxation. All the bathrooms have tile and the whole upstairs and basement have carpet. No matter how high the heat is it is always cold in our basement and just thinking about it without the carpet is giving me goosebumps. On our main level we have rugs through out to help protect the wood which only makes sense. Wear and tear on wood floors is hard enough as is let alone if you have nothing over them to protect them.

Thanks for reading,