The Unthinkable

Now, you are probably wondering what could be unthinkable in my line of work, technically there are lots of things that could fit this but what I am talking about are acts of nature. That damn Mother Nature, she sure can wreck havoc in our lives. We just had a storm rip through our town and my neighbors garage was destroyed. Lightening struck a tree in his yard and a tree limb fell on his garage and put a huge hole in the in it. I felt his pain. Both of his cars were in the garage because he took after me on how I organize mine, and needless to say that both were damaged along with plenty of other things. Most of the things that were damaged were not that big of a deal, just the cars and the garage itself were major issues. The branch as well is an issue because he now has to get a company out to remove it because it was a big one. Good thing that I know of a company that does a good job with broken branch removals. So I gave him their number, they came out right away to access the situation but had to come back later that day to actually remove it because they had to get a feel for what they were working with to make sure that they had everything they need to do the job. There are a very busy company but have enough people working so they can help people like this in an emergency like our town just experienced.


I was very fortunate in that I did not have any damaged that was worth being upset about, so I lent my help to my neighbors that needed it. My wife also helped out our neighbors by cleaning up yards, getting things organized, making food and watching children so people could get things. I helped out with construction and with removing heavy debris. Our neighborhood and especially the people who live on my street are great people, we have parties all the time in the summer, we get along and do favors for everyone. I am very lucky to have lived here because I do these things for them without being asked and for no payment because I know that when I need help, any one of my neighbors will step up and do the same for me. The clean up will take a couple weeks to be completely finished. The major stuff will get done within a week but all the little things, the things that mean the most, will take a little longer because it is more emotional. Eventually, everything will get back to normal and we will all move on with our lives but for now we are staying tough and pushing through this hard time.

Thanks for reading,