The Wonders Of A Garage

In this regard I know that we are all on the same page. Garages. You must have one. We all need and want one. Many great things have been built in garages. They are pretty much a necessity now a days. The main thing to remember is organization, you must have an organized garage. I see so many garages that are so cluttered that you cannot even park you cars in it. To me, they are not a place for storage (unless your vehicles are in it), they are a work room. I have my organized so that both cars will fit in when I am not working in there but I can just pull them out and everything is where it needs to be so I can get right to work.

I have perforated boards on one wall, then a wall of shelves and a wall of cabinets. Everything has its place. It is a terrible thing to have a garage and not be able to utilize it in the sense that it was built for. This is my domain, I tell my wife and kids to enter at their own risk. The reason that I chose to talk about garages today is that I recently had my garage door break. I tried in vain to fix it myself because that is what I do. But I think I just messed it up even more. I ended doing a online search for a local garage repair company. Many popped up but only one had a lot of reviews with a lot of stars. That is what I typically look for, stars and reviews. Both matter because if the stars are good but there are not many reviews then not many people have tried them out. If you have many reviews and not so many stars then that is probably not a good company to use. I look for lots of stars and lots of reviews. Not just any old company is going to fix my garage door.

So they came out and fixed it in a timely manner and didn’t try to add any bullshit to the bill. Some places do that, they try to sneak in little things here and there that “you need” but you really don’t. But the guy did ask if there were any other concerns that I wanted him to look at while he was there. I thought that was pretty awesome, it was like he wasn’t trying to add more stuff on but since he was out was there anything else that I needed done. I told him no and he was like OK, good, then he packed up and went on to his next thing.

Always do your research when it comes to having a company come out and fix something with your house. This is so important and I always stress this with my friends and family. You can go off of referrals as well but always research that referral before you decide to go with them. And please remember to leave a comment on that the company’s page so the next person will have a better idea of who to choose. You can also email me a question, comment or concern and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks, Kenny