Wood Floors

So I have seen many things in my life, my any of them funny and just as many that are not so funny but I will have to admit that what I saw the other day takes the cake. I was out on a job building a garage at a clients home and they wanted to put a hard wood floor in their garage. What?!? You heard me, a hard wood floor in their garage. I have no idea why but they were pretty excited about putting that type of floor in their garage. I am pretty sure that they thought they were ahead of the curve, being trend setters and totally thinking outside of the box. I hated to burst their bubble but putting a hardwood floor in a garage has got to be one of the worst ideas that I have ever heard.

Not only is it unpractical but you are totally going ruin the floor within a week by driving cars in and out if it all day long. I told them this but in a much much more professional way, I laid out all the reasons not to do this but they said that they had their minds set on this, I got the impression that maybe the husband was totally on board and that he was just going along with what his wife wanted, this was all her idea but he wouldn’t budge either. They said that they had this local company that would come out from time to time that specializes in hard wood floor refinishing and that they had already talk with them and that this company was going to give them discounts for when they needed to come out and fix it.

I was thinking in my head, well yeah because they will be out on a monthly basis if these people wanted the floor to look like new all the time. It is one thing to have wear and tear on wood floors in your home from everyday things, like dropping or spilling, or moving the furniture around but driving tires on your floor everyday and bringing in all that dirt from outside and scratching things up is totally different story. A story that is not going to end well, I just can’t believe that I witness this and that I was apart of the process of making it come true. Apparently though this husband doesn’t have any work benches or tools that go in a garage, he doesn’t use the garage for his work area because he doesn’t need to, he just has other people do the work for him. I guess my response to that is “to each his own”. So my crew and I spent the weekend building a garage with a wood floor so our clients could be the only ones with a hard wood floor in their garage and being totally needless because it is still going to need a lot of work but we put some super duper heavy coating on it to help protect it

Thanks everyone,